Postdoctoral Scholars

Zhenkun Na
National University of Singapore, Ph.D. 2014
A*Star, Postdoc 2015 at

Xiongwen Cao
Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Ph.D. 2015, Postdoc 2018
xiongwen.cao at

Shujian Zheng
Wuhan University, Ph.D. 2019
shu-jian.zheng at



Yang Vicky Luo                                                              
Graduate Student, Chemistry                                                                    
Nanyang Tech Univ., B.S. 2015                       
yang.luo at    


Jessie Mohsen
Graduate Student, Chemistry
NYU, B.S. 2015
jessie.mohsen at       

Alina Martel
Undergraduate Student (Undeclared)
Class of 2023

AnMei Little
Undergraduate Student (Biomedical Engineering)