Chemical tools to study RNA and microproteins

Welcome! We are a young lab in the Yale Chemical Biology Institute. We are developing chemical and biological tools to study translation of small open reading frames, the functions of their encoded microproteins, and the spatiotemporal regulation of RNA degradation in human cells. We utilize a broad range of interdisciplinary methods, including mass spectrometry-based proteomics, cellular imaging, chemical synthesis, and small molecule-mediated control of biomolecular function. To learn more…


April 10, 2019
Stephanie Smelyansky, one of our awesome undergraduate researchers, has received an NSF GRFP, which she’ll be taking with her to grad school at MIT next year....
April 5, 2019
Alex successfully defended her thesis, “Chemoproteomic approaches for assaying translation,” to become our second Ph.D. recipient! Congratulations, Alex, and best of luck in...
February 27, 2019
Alex’s review article on small ORF translation during stress is out today!