Dark matter of the human genome

Welcome! We are a young lab in the Yale Institute of Biomolecular Design and Discovery. We are developing chemical and biological tools to study the “dark matter of the human genome” - previously undiscovered small open reading frames that encode microproteins - and their functions. We utilize a broad range of interdisciplinary methods, including proteomics, fluorescence microscopy, and peptide and small molecule synthesis, to probe the roles of microproteins in human cells and disease. To learn more…


May 25, 2022
Undergraduate researcher Isabel Nayoon Koh joins the lab to elucidate the mechanism and effects of P-body dissociation on mRNA stability during cell growth and division....
April 13, 2022
First-year graduate student Kevin Jiang joins us to illuminate the dark proteome associated with human diseases. Welcome, Kevin!
April 7, 2022
Xiongwen and Alex’s paper in collaboration with Carson and Cecelia in the laboratory of Dr. Susan Baserga is out online today at Nature Chemical Biology! They describe...