Dark matter of the human genome

Welcome! We are a young lab in the Yale Institute of Biomolecular Design and Discovery. We are developing chemical and biological tools to study the “dark matter of the human genome” - previously undiscovered small open reading frames that encode microproteins - and their functions, including spatiotemporal regulation of RNA function in human cells. We utilize a broad range of interdisciplinary methods, including mass spectrometry-based proteomics, cellular imaging, chemical synthesis, and small molecule-mediated control of biomolecular function. To learn more…


April 15, 2021
Vicky’s DCP2 inhibitor paper is a free featured article in the current issue of Cell Chemical Biology! Congratulations, Vicky!
April 5, 2021
Haomiao Su joins us as a postdoctoral associate, bringing expertise in chemical biology and nucleic acids. He will be probing the fundamental mechanisms of small open reading...
February 9, 2021
Check out the Nature Communications Editors’ Highlight, “From molecules and cells to organisms,” which features Alex and Xiongwen’s alt-RPL36 paper as well as many...